Which Docmail plan is right for your business?

Take a look at our advanced list of functionalities and transparent pricing below.

You can benefit today from our Docmail Essentials package, or upgrade to Docmail Enterprise at any time.

Our listed pricing is based on a pay as you go service, if you would like to discuss pricing for higher volumes or a contractual commitment then please contact us to find out more today.

Prices shown are exclusive of VAT.


A4 documents Price
A4 document black only one side print into a C5 envelope including postage 77p
Additional black only A4 sheet printed one side add 4p per sheet
Black print on reverse of A4 sheet add 2p per sheet
A4 document colour one side print into a C5 envelope including postage 81p
Additional colour A4 sheet printed one side add 6p per sheet
Colour print on reverse of A4 sheet add 3p per sheet
Dotpost delivery (up to 5 electronic pages) 10p
Dotpost additional set of up to 5 electronic pages 1p per set of 5 pages
Postcards Price
A5 black only postcard including postage 74p
A5 colour postcard including postage 82p
A3 folded sheets Price
A3 black only folded sheet 88p
A3 colour folded sheet 97p
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  • Essentials

  • Usage 
    Number of user seats: Unlimited
    Number of mailing orders per month: Unlimited
    Minimum order quantity: One document
    Maximum order quantity: Unlimited
  • Customer support
    Access to customer support team ✓
    Access to the Docmail knowledge base ✓
  • Functionality & features
    Reporting & Analysis ✓
    Access to Docmail Admin Suite ✓
    Access to save your own templates in the Docmail Library ✓
    Access to Docmail web site service ✓
    Access to our Virtual Print Driver ✓
    Access to our API ✓
    1st and Standard class postage ✓
  • Printing & posting 
    Next day or future date despatch ✓
    Black & White and colour printing ✓
    Single and Double side printing ✓
    Merge tags for full personalisation ✓
    Check and validation of address ✓
    Add self to mailing list ✓
    A4 documents – single or multiple pages ✓
    A5 postcards (350gsm), laminated to face ✓
    A3 Newsletters ✓
    Greetings cards ✓
  • Multi-channel delivery 
    Text messages ✓
    Access to e-delivery with Dotpost (subject to sender approval) ✓
  • Envelopes 
    C5 and C4 envelopes ✓
    Window or Non-Window Envelopes ✓
    Logos and text printed onto envelopes ✓
    Own return address printed on envelope ✓
    Business Reply Envelopes ✓
    Management of returned mail & gone aways ✓
  • Inserts 
    Add printed inserts ✓
  • Payment 
    Pay as you go - card top up or BACS ✓
  • Tailored training 
    One free training session to help you get started ✓
  • Enterprise

  • Everything in the Essentials package PLUS:
  • Envelopes 
    Your own branded stock envelopes ✓
  • Inserts
    Stock and insert management ✓
  • Payment
    Pay on invoice ✓
  • Onboarding support
    Access to our Business Analysts ✓
    Access to our Project Management team for onboarding & off boarding ✓
  • Tailored training
    Regular advanced training sessions ✓
  • Corporate functionality
    Single Sign on ✓
    Link to your Azure active directory ✓
    Hierarchy structure and management ✓
    Multi department management ✓
    User/department permissions management ✓
    Corporate library with access controls ✓
  • Approval steps 
    Departmental budgets and budgetary approval ✓
    Content approval ✓
  • Upgrade to Enterprise