We know that some companies might want to integrate with our system, which is why we offer just that.

The API (application programme interface) allows you to send A4 letters, postcards, greeting cards and business cards (corporate only) from a click of a button within your own computer systems. 

Docmail perfectly blends both physical and electronic communications. Once the integration is in place, Docmail receives the electronic document and mailing list from you, and perfectly outputs the documents into your physical mail. Which we then securely pass to Royal Mail for delivery.

It's secure, it's simple, it's perfect for developers.

Docmail API


Integration offering

Seamless integration for your communication requirements, supporting you in your business goals and the saving of time and resource.

The test environment

A personalised test environment, to ensure we get it right and help you deliver meaningful connections.

Docmail API 2.0 help guide

Download the full web service help guide to learn how to integrate your application with Docmail. The guide can be accessed here.

Docmail API access questionnaire

To be considered for an API integration, please complete our questionnaire and return to The questionnaire can be downloaded here.

Get in touch

If you want to find out more about our Docmail API get in touch, we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Docmail fair usage policy

Please read our fair usage policy which defines 'best practice' for integrating with our API. This policy can be accessed here.

The Docmail api

The API is a SOAP-based webservice allowing the creation, proofing and confirmation of orders for mailings, single letters, postcards and greeting cards.

Documents (PDF, RTF or Word files) are submitted as files or selected by name from your account. Address lists may be selected by name, submitted as a file (CSV, XLS, XLSX, Tab delimited, fixed length fields etc.) or added as individual addresses using the AddAddress call.

A PDF proof approval is available, but is no longer a required step in the process.

Payment is made via Top-Up credit on the customer Account, or for large volume users, payment on invoice may be available (subject to status, volume and regularity of orders).

Examples in the API documentation are based around Microsoft Visual Basic .NET code.

secure test environment

Docmail provides a separate testing environment for use with the API. It provides the same API, and web functionality as the live system, with a website mirroring the live version. We do not produce any print or mail output from the test environment and any credit has no cash value. Credit in the test system can be topped up from the Account Admin section of the test website without charge.

The test environment uses separate databases, so your live login details don't apply. Likewise, your test login credentials are not available for use in the live environment.