Managing your
patient communications
with docmail
this flu season

With our team of experts, best practice blogs and downloadable resources, we are here to help you send effective, secure communications, no matter the circumstance.

Here at CFH Docmail, we are proud to have supported medical organisations across the country implement successful flu programmes by sending effective, on time communications to their different patient cohorts.

As these same organisations now plan, implement and even run their Covid-19 vaccination programmes, we are even prouder to send these communications on their behalf and help the nation understand the importance of receiving these vital vaccinations.

We understand these communications may be slightly different to what some medical organisations typically send as the inclusion of leaflets and inserts are required, but we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that we are ready and able to process your Covid-19 mailings, no matter the format or what they need to include.

Your COVID-19 communication programmes

As the two vaccinations are rolled out across the UK and eligible patients receive their invitations and vaccinations, you will be managing this process with effective communications as well as managing the COVID-19 process within your practice. You will be following the guidelines and implementing processes that reflect these, from the ‘green book’ published by Public Health England on vaccination processes and infection prevention and control.

You will be sharing these guidelines with those attending vaccination appointments and including information about the vaccination, so that patients understand the two-step vaccination process which is where Docmail, the UK’s leading hybrid mail solution, can help

Changing the way you communicate

Docmail, the online communication solution, is designed with medical practices in mind. It takes your existing patient communication processes and streamlines the whole thing, straight from your PC or laptop. What’s more it’s light-touch and contact free for your staff, ensuring that your communication processes remain Covid-secure and practical at all times.

Built with you in mind

Within one account, you are able to organise all your patient communications from letters, digital delivery and SMS – all the communication methods needed to target your patients all year around in one place.

‘I love how easy the process is to do, and the website is very user friendly.’

Inverurie Medical Group

Docmail is Data Protection and Security Toolkit standards exceeded, approved and fully GDPR compliant. The system offers a contact free, Covid-secure solution for your staff to give you complete peace of mind when sending your critical mailings.

‘Docmail is fast, efficient and of great value to our practice. It saves us so much time, effort and money.’

Robert Darbishire Practice

Impressive savings in time and efficiency

The system is perfect for ad-hoc or bulk mailings, single or multiple page documents, colour or black and white designs and a range of delivery options, there really is no limit in helping you increase your patient engagement, whilst helping you save money. What’s more you can set up multiple users, within the account, so that you can track budget spend and maximise your practice resource.

‘We are so pleased with the service, it saves the Organisation time on sending out invitations and it is quick and effective.’

Oakham Medical Practice

To minimise the mailing process, there is a useful library where you can pre-load templates of your preprinted stock, which we can hold in our secure facilities. You can send one or thousands of personalised documents instantly, helping you reach your targets and manage all your types of communication.

Clinical system compatible – the Print Driver

Working as your desktop printer, you simply click file print to ‘Docmail’ to generate a printable proof of your document.

Compatible with your existing systems, the Print Driver is designed to minimise the disruption of sending communications against your everyday working activities. Without leaving your clinical systems, you can send your communications within a few simple steps, with each touch point reporting back to the patient record for your reference.

With useful ‘text match’ logic options, you can send different communication variants in one single order. By using unique words or phrases to distinguish where a recipient letter begins or ends, Docmail can recognise and split these out automatically for you, allowing you to communicate all your important messages within one order!

Furthermore, with the ability to set up print profiles, you can preset your mailing requirements so that the process is simplified even further, helping save critical staff time that could be better spent on patients.

Benefits of Docmail:

Your communications, your way, when required
Data Security and Protection Toolkit
Standards exceeded and GDPR compliant
System compatibility
Works within your current clinical systems, file print logic
Pre-loaded documents
Library and mailing profiles for your standard communications
Contact-free communications for your staff
Unlimited access
Online access, works wherever you are based


Budget control
No contract, no set up fees, pay as you go service
Manage all your communication in one system
Useful library
for all your templates and inserts
Reductions in staff time and costs
Multiple users
FREE training
In-house or over the phone whatever meets your requirements
Got a question?
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FREE training and support...

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